Wild & Scenic Events

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    Wild & Scenic Music Fest

    The Wild & Scenic Music Fest annually brings together incredible music and generous people to help raise money to support our programs. It is located …

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    Hike, Bike & Boat

    HIKE: Each group experiences a hike on the Old Sauk Trail. Here we teach about the 10 Essentials, Leave No Trace, and introduce them …

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  • eagle
    Bald Eagle Float

    Every year in late December the Chum Salmon of the Puget Sound swim in to the many rivers of western Washington. A large population enters …

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    Green River Clean-up

    Just outside the town of Black Diamond, we express the basics of river rafting on the pristine waters of the Green River. The river …

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  • ski
    Adaptive Skiing

    Each Winter we offer special needs children the opportunity to go skiing at the Summit West at Snoqualmie Pass. Participants receive a private ski lesson, …

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    Customized Trips

    Some intro text regarding customizable trip capabilities and a historical listing of past events. This section is a catch-all for events that have happened, and …

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