Volunteer and make a difference!

The WSI relies heavily on public support and community involvement. Without volunteers these programs simply would not be available. There are many skilled professionals that offer their skills to help serve the WSI mission every trip. If you are a river guide, hiking guide, naturalist, therapist, teacher, or professional fun seeker WE NEED YOUR HELP!

If you do not have special skill but would still like to be involved, WE NEED YOUR HELP TOO! Please consider exchanging your volunteer hours; cooking lunch, building a fire, preparing gear, setting up displays, motivating tired hikers, keeping wet cold paddlers warm, for a beautiful and fulfilling day in the wilderness.

Maybe you don’t even like to go outside but you like us. We are also actively seeking professional assistance in the areas of grant writing, accounting and law.

People often tell me, “It must be depressing working with such needy kids all the time. But I couldn’t disagree more. It seems to me that the children in my life, that have experienced less, are the same ones that continue to teach me how to pursue and perfect love, friendships and most of all, happiness .”