Green River Clean-up

Location: Black Diamond, WA

Timeframe: Spring

Just outside the town of Black Diamond, we express the basics of river rafting on the pristine waters of the Green River. The river is set in a steep gorge with numerous side streams and waterfalls trickling down the mossy canyon walls. The nearly continuous Class III to IV rapids run through large boulder gardens creating great technical rapids like Mercury and The Nozzle. On this 12-mile stretch of river we actively search for and collect trash as part of a community effort to restore its wilderness beauty.

The Annual Green River Cleanup is organized by Washington Recreational River Runners, Friends of the Green River and many other organizations and government agencies. It is the oldest and largest community based river conservation effort in this area. Boaters from all over Washington and beyond come out to the Green-Duwamish River each year to clean up trash and enjoy the exciting runs on this beloved river.