Hike, Bike & Boat

Location: Darrington, WA

Timeframe: Spring

HIKE: Each group experiences a hike on the Old Sauk Trail. Here we teach about the 10 Essentials, Leave No Trace, and introduce them to the plant life and fauna in the area. The curriculum will have to be somewhat adapted for each group.

We’ve also added a Service Learning Component, which will take place at the same time as the Biking. Partnering with the National Forest Service, we help survey the campground for invasive plants, and remove some of them.

BIKE: Each group is provided time to ride in the Campground on the adaptive bikes provided by Outdoors for All, who is a partner in our Hike, Bike, and Boat event. They provide gear, bikes and a few volunteers as well.

BOAT: We run three continuous segments of the Sauk River. The first leg is the most difficult and is a Class III-IV River. Our teen, able bodied participants from YouthCare and will be invited to run this stretch. The second leg is a Class II-III river, where we schedule the elementary students, and a group of teens from Seattle Parks & Rec, and Tony’s Speech Therapy group. The last stretch is a flat, Class II River that we run with our disabled and physically challenged participants and supporters from Parks & Rec Special Populations, from Rehab Without Walls, and from Swedish Pediatrics.

We also provide a BBQ Lunch for all attendees and volunteers.